Monday, June 9, 2008

I think I'll Just Go Back to Bed

Warning! Grumbling to commence forthwith!

My house is a disaster. I mean it. Unlike sometimes when I'm just exaggerating. This time it is true. And with the 3 Ring Circus that is VBS starting tonight, I don't see this improving any time soon.

I've spent over 2 hours in the van today, driving back and forth various places in preparation for aforementioned VBS. It is hot, humid, and gas is expensive. Don't ask me how that makes me feel. You don't want to know.

My stomach hates me. I will not share the details but here's the idea: I don't feel bad - until I do. I haven't eaten lunch and I have taken a nap (which is part of the reason the house is a disaster). I didn't dare go to the Library with my husband and daughters today- which should say something about how I feel.

So until I feel like a contributing member of the human race I think I should just go back to bed. If you're interested in meeting sometime commenter "Lulu" (also known as one of my younger sisters) you can go check out her brand new blog. Ask her about her dogs.

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