Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

You got a card, right? And a gift, right? 'Cause time is up!

I love my dad (who sometimes reads this blog so, "Hi, Dad!") and my husband (who only reads this blog on occasion so I'm not going to greet him. Unless you're reading right now, in which case, "love you".). They are both great men and wonderful fathers.

With the addition of The Bear (who isn't a dad yet and mercy, what an image that just brought to my mind!), they are my 3 favorite guys in the whole world. Yep, out of 6 billion+ people these are my top 3 favorite men on the entire planet. No pressure or anything, guys.

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David Pitman said...

Honored, humbled, heart too full for words; and when I can't say anything that is saying something

Pastor Dad

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