Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Subway Views

So, have you heard about the Great Subway Controversy of '08*?

Yeah, I hadn't either until this morning.

And no, I am not boycotting and, as a matter of fact, I just ate at Subway yesterday with my beloved, my children, and my grandparents.

The food was great.

I'm a homeschooling advocate, homeschool graduate, homeschool mom, etc. (just in case you need to know my credentials) and this just strikes me as NOT THAT IMPORTANT in the great scheme of things. I tend to be against boycotts anyway (they seem to just make the boycott-ers look ridiculous and I don't like looking ridiculous) but this one strikes me as beyond absurd.

Just my $ .02. Which, for a limited time, if you add another $4.98, will buy you a footlong at Subway.

*The link takes you to Principled Discovery where Dana is moderating a much larger discussion on this than I could.


Dana said...

Yeah...that about summarizes my feelings. I could understand a letter, but I just don't see giving athletic equipment to a school as morally reprehensible enough for me to worry that much about what I'm supporting when I eat there.

What really got to me, though, was those who really pushed the issue, making it somehow an issue of if we had the right to Subway's money.

onthecreek said...

We home schooled our children and I did it to get away from people controlling us and what we did. I wouldn't want to depend on Subway or any other way to give me athletic equipment. I'm not a boycotter either. I'm a leave me a-loner. :-) I'll continue to eat my subs too Karen. :-)

David Pitman said...

Subway has apologized and promised to correct this oversight.

Anonymous said...

And to think that during our first
years homeschooling, our big concern was the TN law that required dropping you and Lulu off at the door of the local public school while they tested you.

Sure am glad all we need to worry about these days is whether or not Bear gets to participate in some contest! (Said with tongue planted firmly in cheek.)


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