Monday, May 12, 2008

A Simpler Life?

Well, unless you are in my immediate family (and by that I mean you are Prince Charming or one of my three girls), or your first name starts with R or M and your last name starts with V, you were not present for our little fire Saturday night.

Yes, fire with smoke and acrid smell and everything. A real, honest to goodness fire. In our microwave.

It was my fault, I suppose. I put, per Tigger's request (not that I'm blaming her!), a pack of microwave popcorn in our formerly trustworthy appliance. I pushed the "popcorn" button, so convenient on the front. And one minute later smoke billowed forth and the microwave unceremoniously gave up the ghost.

Were you to come over this evening you could probably still smell the effect. Folks, It.Was.Bad. Headache inducing bad.

So now, we are attempting to live without a microwave. Not because we can't afford one or easily get one, but because we are experimenting to see what life is like without one.

Lesson #1: You cannot have the previously scheduled chicken stir-fry for dinner when the chicken is still in your freezer. You remind yourself to plan ahead, get the chicken to defrost for tomorrow and eat pancakes instead.

Lesson #2: The microwave clock in the corner that you use to check the time? It.ISN'T.There. Stop looking! Look at the stove where there is another perfectly good clock. STOP looking where the microwave isn't!

Lesson #3: You can still exist without a microwave but you will have lot more dirty dishes. Including dishes that are not dishwasher safe (your trusty cookware). You will not like this particular consequence.

Stay tuned. Think we can last the whole week without one?


Jessica said...

Yikes-o! That could've been VERY bad! Glad everything else is okay. Those kind of things typically happen right around the same time as when all the OTHER things are happening too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah you can do it. We haven't had one for about 10 years now. :)


(Boy, isn't it crazy how much you look for a clock when you move one?!)

onthecreek said...

We did without ours for some time but have one now. We went through a stage of listening to the news (friend) hype about how things were killing us, microwaves, peanut butter, deoderant (didn't stop that one), and many other things but some how we ended up with one again. It is handy but goes for a long time without being used here. Justin baked a potato in ours for 10 minutes one time. We had the smoke and it even burned the glass plate in the bottom. Still kind of brownish colored. :-) Needless to say the potato was not edible. :-)
Best wishes on doing without. :-)

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