Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rainy Days and Thursdays

*singing* Always get me down... *singing*

What's that you say? The original lyrics say Mondays? Never you mind. I happen to like Mondays. It's Thursdays that seem to last for-ev-er.

Our usual Thursdays involve running around our area, squeezing in everything we possibly can (TKD, Bible study, and anything else we can think of) but today all my plans have been cut short because Prince Charming had a pressing dinner date.

I kid, I kid.

He had to go to work on getting yet another college credit so he can renew his teaching licence, meeting our wonderful state's persnickety regulations and filling their money grubbing pure as the driven snow hands. ($300 per credit, are you kidding me?! And he needs 3?!)

So I am home, on a rainy afternoon, with three kiddos who have a raging case of Cabin Fever and I'm coming down with a nasty form of it myself. I have plenty of things I could and/or ought to be doing and not one do I actually want to, you know, do.

All things considered, I prefer the manic Thursdays to the house-bound ones, thankyouverymuch.

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MacKenzie said...

Thursday is our busy day too. I think I can only get through them by reminding myself only one more day till the weekend when I can recover.

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