Friday, May 23, 2008

In Which I Offer My Decorating Advice

This is not a blog that offers home-keeping advice. I, regretfully, cannot take a yard sale plate, a swath of fabric, two stubs of candles, and a lemon and create a to-die-for centerpiece. I am in awe of those of you who can but I, despite my addiction to all things decorating, am not one of those people.

However, due to my aforementioned addiction to decorating (which I feed by subscribing to far too many decorating magazines to list here. It would be embarrassing. But if you have some you don't want, I'll take 'em!), I have noticed a disturbing new trend. I have seen this not once but twice in Better Homes and Gardens alone. Take a look at this picture (from BH&G) and see if you can tell me what's wrong:

Yes, it's the books, THE BOOKS ARE BACKWARDS.

This is just so, so wrong. Why treat your precious books like they are errant toddlers? If you don't love them in all their multi-colored glory why not give them to someone who me?

"But Karen", I hear you saying, "They clash with my color scheme."

My first reaction to this argument is to say (and here you realize that I am a book lover first, a decorator second), "GET OVER IT."

Yes, I would say that in big capital letters. Books are not embarrassing mementos or shameful trinkets (If they are they should be recycled. Yesterday.) They are books. They deserve to be looked at, admired, lovingly read and re-read.

Barring that you could wrap them in brown paper and write the titles on the spines or wrap them in some coordinating fabric. I've seen several people who have done that to suit their decorating schemes. I don't love the idea, but I don't hate it, either. I would never do such a thing, but if I come to your house and you've wrapped them in brown kraft paper I won't storm off in a huff. But if you turn them backwards I will leave, so help me. I will leave and it may take serious counseling before I can return to your humble abode.

So cover them, if you must.

Anything but turning them to the wall. If you can't read them, then what is the point?

Stop the insanity. And by that, I mean the whole turning-the-books-backwards thing. Not my own personal yes-I-defend-helpless-books persona. That's not going to be stoppable.


Amy said...

That is really, really weird. The turning the books backward thing, I mean. Why even have the books if you are going to turn them all backward? Because you obviously aren't going to READ them if you can't even tell which is which!
Weird. I'm going to be watching for this in the magazines!

MacKenzie said...

That is odd. I have never seen anyone do that in real life but I think I would have to ask them about it if I did. Of course, I only buy books that fit with my color scheme so it isn't a problem for me :-)(oh sarcasm, how I love thee)

Anonymous said...

Ha! Less than 5 minutes after posting on my blog about decorating my bookshelf I came here and found this! :) At least I hadn't turned my books backwards. ;) I actually just saw that in a magazine for the first time just the other day. Strange!


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