Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WFMW - A Thrift Store Tip

O.K, so this may not fit Shannon's theme for today (greatest hits) but it's something I've been meaning to share for awhile now.

Who likes to shop at thrift stores? (Me! Me!) My favorite local thrift store does not...prepare yourself...have dressing rooms. That is correct, you cannot try on your finds before buying them.

Except we do. Shirts are easy, as are dresses, because you just slip them on over your clothes. Pants and some skirts, not so much. But I won't buy things I'm not sure of.

So here's what we do: put on the largest, widest, longest skirt you can find off the thrift store racks. Now you can slip in and out of whatever you need to, and still be, ahem, covered. It works for me! Because, you know, who wants to spend $1.00 on something that doesn't fit? I kid, I kid.

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Tarah said...

I LOVE thrift stores! :)

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