Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Little Artist

Polly, my eldest light-of-my-life (I have two others, of course, not to mention Prince Charming), was this morning quite dedicated at a task before we left for visitation. As I called her, informing her it was time time leave, she skipped into my room.

"Okay, Mom, I'm all done artist-ing," she told me, handing me a sketch of Tigger's omnipresent water bottle (don't ask - and, just so you know, it isn't a baby bottle it's one of those sports bottles). The drawing was pretty good, if I do say so myself, for a six year old child of mine. I, who cannot draw straight line or round circle to save my life, was impressed.

And that, in a nutshell, is what you should know about my Polly. She is an artist-er of the highest quality in my life. Her cheerful attitude is contagious, her giggle is infectious, and her hugs are the squeezeiest. She brings color and perspective into our home, just like any good artist.

Done any artist-ing for the folks in your life lately?


onthecreek said...

I combed my mother-in-law's hospital-bed-headed hair and pulled a few of her chin whiskers out a few days ago. Does that count? :-) The nurse said I got the dutiful-daughter-in-law award for that. ;-)
She's home now and doing well.
Justin and Britt used to draw some cute stuff when they were small. I need to post some of it. :-)

Jessica said...

Aw. Um lets see...have I done anything artist-ing for anyone lately? Well, I made a calendar for the babysitter with the kids pictures on the days I needed her to watch them. haha That's as good as it gets these days.

I can't wait to start getting picture drawings from the kids. Ty draws, which is sweet to me because I'm his mom, but its just scribbling yet. The first time it looks like something I'll be elated!

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