Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A conversation...

Polly: "Mom! Tigger is filling my tea cup with her pretend tea and I wanted to fill it myself."
Tigger: "But Mom, I'm sharing."
Polly: "I don't want your pretend tea, I want my own pretend tea."
Me: "Tigger, let Polly use her own pretend tea but thank you for sharing."

Glad we cleared that up. Don't you wish your problems were so easily solved?


Stephen said...


onthecreek said...

Oh how cute! Don't you just love how they pretend. Only at our house Britt usually had sneaked some water and made a mess with her tea set. We had a lot of wet Teddy Bears and dolls. :-)
Enjoy these easy days of problem solving.

Heather said...

I overheard my sons arguing recently. The 4yo was screaming at the 2yo, "Jesus loves us when we share!" as he was trying to wrestle some toy away.

::sigh:: I'm going to have do discuss the application of that concept.

Jessica said...

THAT is TOO funny! My my...those days are going to be coming to my household all too fast I believe.

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