Friday, April 18, 2008

Pondering Parenting: 2 Important Concepts

OK, I here and now promise that Fridays are not going to turn into my "parenting study recap day". Except when they do. Like now or last week.

While Prince Charming and I enjoy fellowship with the people in the class (who all attend our church) and really respect the class facilitator (who is also our Sunday School teacher) we are starting to see very little value in the class or curriculum itself.

The truth is the only reason we're in the class at all is because Prince Charming is on staff at church and some of the leadership thought it would encourage others to attend if we did. So there we are on Thursday nights, trying to encourage others while biting our tongues on what we would really like to say.

Prince Charming, on our drive home after class, pointed out that this is really just modern pop psychology with a Bible verse slapped on at the end. And that is not what godly parenting advice would look like.

So we made two full pages of notes for when we write our own book on parenting. Hold onto your hats, folks, it's coming. Maybe we'll wait to see how Tigger turns out first...

The first concept is that a book that purports to be what God says about families should actually include what God says about families. Shocking, I know.

The second concept is that there is no way to raise children in this sin cursed culture without getting...what's the delicate way to put this?...radical. You cannot do what every other modern parent is doing and expect to have different results with your kids just because you attend church or pray before bedtime. Sorry, that's not going to cut it.

And, much as I wish there were, there is not a formula for well turned out kids, other than following God's instructions as closely as you can. How I wish there were "magic verbiage" to use on Tigger when she is demonstrating the full awesome power of the temper tantrum or a magic formula to use on Polly when she is being trying to assume control of the household! (Have you heard those "learned verbiage" ads on the radio? They crack me up.) But, alas, there is not. And so we keep trying every day, keep searching the Bible for true wisdom, keep praying for guidance and patience, keep rejoicing in the victories that come every day too, if we only recognize them.

Meawhile, as you anticipate the future release of our parenting book, you might check The Bible. It's been around awhile and I understand it has excellent reviews.

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Amy said...

Amen, sister, a-men.

I was just reading this week how modern psychology has turned out some baaaad parenting advice, and I have to agree.

Want to share some of your favorite parenting passages? We used one from Proverbs this week for instruction, but still have lots of studying to do. But who doesn't!? :)

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