Friday, April 18, 2008

And to think I slept through it

So, did anyone feel the great earthquake of '08? Prince Charming insists that it woke him up. He must not have been too concerned because he WENT RIGHT BACK TO SLEEP. Way to protect our family, Dear. Ahem.

As for me? I never felt a thing. But then we've had "men at work" (Ha! Men standing around with heavy equipment is more like it...) on our road for the past, I don't know, eternity so our house shaking is really nothing new. And Sweet Pea (13 1/2 months old) has just, in the past week, started sleeping through the night. As I catch up on nearly 2 years of sleep deprivation nothing, absolutely nothing, disturbs me from midnight to seven a.m. Not even earthquakes.

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Jessica said...

I felt it. It nearly shook me out of our bed. I was so shocked that our house and bed was shaking that I sat there...very addled...then, I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom where Ryan was getting ready for work. YIKES-O...It scared me.

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