Thursday, March 6, 2008

Maybe later?

Okay, so I was going to apologize for my unintended blog vacation and post some cute (what other kind is there?) pictures of my two oldest girls but apparently the Blogger picture posting thing-a-majig has gone on strike. Not that it annoys me that my plans were messed up, oh no, not I.

Anyhow, back to my apology. I usually post on Wednesday's on Rocks in My Dryer for Works for Me Wednesday. Except this week I didn't want to because it was "backwards edition" and I've got everything figured out. As if. Actually I rarely read that blog any more so I forgot and then I couldn't get a post asking a sufficiently interesting question that isn't too embarrassing together.

I've been around reading blogs but I'm finding it hard to comment on some because I come late to the party and I don't enjoy leaving a "me, too!" comment. And I can't comment on some of your blogs right now, so soon after the final nail in Huckabee's coffin election because my first inclination (to crow) isn't gentle, kind or long suffering and I'm trying to cut down on sarcasm and snark. (That'll be the day...)

In summary: pictures will be posted later, I’m sorry for disappearing, and what, in the name of all that is good, is wrong with Blogger right now?!

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