Saturday, March 8, 2008

It Doesn't Show Signs of Stoppin'

What do you do when your mom bundles you like this: or this:
and your street looks like this:
and your yard looks like this:
Well? You make snow cream, of course. Because there's nothing like coming back inside, freezing, dripping, and shivering, and eating a nice big bowl of snow, cream and sugar. And yes, we really did have that special treat today.

Polly and Tigger (along with Prince Charming) have enjoyed a nice snow holiday. Sweet Pea and I enjoyed the sight from safely inside. (To be accurate you may want to imagine a tiny nose pressed against a window. That would be Sweet Pea, not her mother.)


Donna said...

Isn't the snow just beautiful? I went to the mailbox (For junkmail for Justin :-( ) and I took my camera and took a few pictures. Looks like you all have more than we do. Justin had to drive to Louisville this morning on a call and said down there the roads were awful. Ours was cleaned off pretty quick here. Looks like the girls were haivng fun. We're too old to have fun here. Tim had back surgery last May. The children still like to get out in it though they are 20 and 24.
Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!

Amber said...

Awww.. nice to know somebody else makes and eat's SNOW ICE CREAM!haha

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