Friday, March 21, 2008

5 Things I Wish I Had Known

Over at The Heart of the Matter the discussion topic for this week is "What I Wish I Had Known in My First Year of Homeschooling". This sparked some thoughts for me and those thoughts began running off in way too many different directions.

I'm a homeschooling Graduate (K-12, even some college!) so even though my oldest is only 6, this isn't my first rodeo, so to speak. I haven't had a lot of surprises or shocking revelations. This is just what we do. But that said, here is what I wish I would have known:

1. I don't have to justify our decision to homeschool. To anyone. This is our decision, not theirs. End of story. I can smile and be polite but I don't have to explain why we choose to do this, and I don't have to listen to them explain why we shouldn't.

2. I don't have to avail myself of every support system or opportunity. The local homeschool group meets at an inconvenient time for us. So we don't go. It's no big deal but it seemed like it was last September.

3. We don't have to cover every subject every day. Short lessons, less pressure, fewer melt downs = Happy Mom, Happy Daughters.

4. I don't have to reinvent the wheel. This was a reaction from some of the methods or curriculum my parents used with me. I do not like them and I won't be using them but even so, they used them with me and look - I turned out great, wouldn't you say? I'm not sure your curriculum can mess you up too badly as long as the parents are involved and there are lots of teachable moments and good reading going on.

5. Start with God, rely on God, glorify God in every day and in every aspect of "school". You will never regret it. More on this topic here.


Ellen said...

That is great that you were homeschooled. In the beginning, I worried too much about proving ourselves - that we could homeschool. Therefore, I pushed my kids to prove that it worked. I wish that I hadn't done that, but outsiders seem to have higher standards for homeschooled kids than public school kids.

Heidi @ Southpaugh Homeschool said...

Gosh, I am so lucky that the people in my life are so supportive - - I don't have those questions to answer. But, I do feel like I need to prove that it works for us - - hopefully, that will disipate with time.
Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

Hi Karen! I really enjoyed this post. I don't seem to have any time these days to get online and check blogs anymore. But when I get a little extra "me" time I'm going to go back through some of your past posts and try to catch up on some things.

However, I really really really enjoyed this post! Thanks girley. I liked your list of reasons.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Thanks for writing this! I'm in my first year of homeschooling, and things get better all the time.

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