Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fun Colors Quiz

I'd really love to see how many you name, Morgan!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting and fun! I only got 29, but I think it's a flawed test. ;) First it's a left/right brain thing--right brain to think of the color, left brain to type the name, so that's hard. Then they accepted "school bus yellow" (or at least it was on the list of ones that I missed), but yet they didn't take "sap green". (They also took "light blue" but not "light green".)

So what I want to know is...did you have a box of crayons sitting beside you?! :)


Anonymous said...

I got 33 the second time, and they did take light green. :)


Karen said...

I think you are right about the left brain / right brain thing. I seem to "think" in words so these typing quizzes are right up my alley.

And no, I didn't have a box of crayons beside me. However, as the mother of three budding artists, I am very well acquainted with Crayola. ;)

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