Friday, March 14, 2008

Frugal Fridays - Think it Through

I know I was rhapsodizing yesterday about a new retail store in my area and that hardly seems frugal. (Although we only spent $20). But one of the best parts is it just gave us some fresh perspective. We may not end up making any major purchase from that store but it did give us some ideas we can use with things we already have.

For some of the things we do want to consider purchasing we are doing just that: considering. We wrote down dimensions, prices, options, etc. and then we...came home. If we (by "we" I mean Prince Charming and myself not the girls!) decide that a certain thing will serve our needs / wants then we can go back and get it.

So many times the shopping experience is pressure, pressure, pressure, to buy now, now, NOW. Ever try to buy any new appliance without a pesky salesman at your elbow? Me either.

I'm just going to go out on a limb here and suggest that most things, for those of us blessed to live here in the USA, we do not "need" NOW. I'm not against buying stuff (although I feel like we personally always have too much no matter how much I declutter!) but I am against giving in to that feeling. You know the one: "If I don't buy this now I might not ever have the chance again."

Right. Stores are having sales all. the. time. There will always be more things dropped off at our favorite thrift stores. Some brave souls are going to have yard sales this summer. So don't panic. Consider carefully and then make your purchase and it doesn't matter whether it's for a small purchase ($5) or a large purchase ($50+), considering before you buy and fighting the urge to succumb to advertising - that's frugal!

Check out Biblical Womanhood for lots of great frugal inspiration.

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Renae said...

True words. There are only a couple things I regret not purchasing; there are many things I regret buying.

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