Friday, March 7, 2008

Frugal Friday - Soup's On!

Yesterday, in the rush that is Thursday for our family, we had many things to do in the afternoon and early evening and we did not want to eat out. Don't get me wrong, we love eating out but we only budget a bit of money every month for that activity and yesterday was only the 6th.

So what can we cook while we're not there? You frugal black belts are jumping up and down and screaming "Crock pot, crock pot, USE the crock pot!"

Yes, frugal people tend to be passionate about their crockpots. And you will be pleased to hear that I did just that. I made a chicken enchilada soup in my crockpot that was part of one recipe, part of another, with a dash of another recipe thrown in.

My family (especially my culinary genius husband) was impressed. And, as I am what can best be called a reluctant cook, this worked well for all of us.

Soup has to be one of the most frugal foods out there. Think about it: little bits and pieces of ingredients, mostly liquid, warm, filling...I could go on.

Most soups are started with one of three bases:
- broth (chicken, beef, or vegetable)
- cream (this base tends to be more expensive)
- tomato

The soup I made yesterday actually built off chicken broth and tomato sauce. Once you have your base then you can add whatever you wish: left over vegetables, leftover meat, pasta, etc. Use your favorite spices that you have on hand or you can always add cheese, hot sauce, crackers or your own favorite soup topping to make your own version of a delicious frugal supper.

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Mom2fur said...

Chicken enchilada soup sounds wonderful! We love enchiladas--I never thought to do it soup style!

Christy said...

That sounds really good!! Thanks for the tip!!! Your pictures of your children are BEAUTIFUL, by the way!!!

Have a blessed day!!

S.B. said...

I also love the pictures of the kids. Such cuties!


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