Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Must Be

What still needs to be done today:
- phonics lesson
- math lesson
- language lesson
- science lesson
- make a grocery list (including things we need for the upcoming Birthday Celebration Extravaganza)
- grocery shop (buy everything we need for $40, find great deals, compare prices, generally do battle against the entire Food Establishment)
- have supper on the table by 4:00 p.m because Prince Charming has class tonight
- Entertain girls after Daddy leaves for 4 hours until Bedtime (or just generally do battle against the strongest willed 3 year old on the planet, or at least that's the role she seems to have assumed today)

Some of you are looking at this and laughing at how little it is. Think kindly of me friends. For your comparison here is what I want to be doing today:

- sleep
- sleep
- sleep more
- take Tylenol
- curl up on the couch with a book and a blanket and maybe, just maybe, a hot cocoa
- sleep
- sleep
- sleep

So you can see the dilemma.


Donna said...

I spent the morning out shopping with my daughter who got married and moved out last year. We had lunch together and then sorted through our goodies of jewelry making stuff and then I came back home to an empty house (other than the dog and cat and they don't count.:-)). I just talked to my son on the phone while he had a short break at work. Now I'm alone. There's the couch and the books and the hot cocoa and the opportunity to sleep but it's not as fun sounding as it used to be. We all have our seasons in life and I do remember the days of the stubborn three year old and not enough hours to get done what needed done. I'm happy where I'm at most days. Then other days I long for the fast paced home school days again. You will look back some day and miss this season you are in. I pray daily for the home schooling moms out there. I think we are closer to our children and miss them even more when they leave than those who are used to sending them off every day. Cherish these days and rest when you can. I'm praying for your strength to carry on. :-)

Renae said...

Oh, no, I don't think that is a small list. If you accomplish half of that, hat's off! I did end up laying down with my 4 year old for a few minutes this afternoon. I did not want to get back up.

Amy D said...

*sigh* Sounds like you need a day off, but those are pretty rare, I know.

I agree with Renae, that is quite a to-do list! Let us know how it goes, and I hope you get some sleep in there somewhere too! :)

And when you find another spare moment (haha) be sure and stop by my blog.... I've tagged you!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Well bless your heart, that IS a long list! I hope you got some rest in there somewhere.

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