Thursday, February 21, 2008


Whilst Polly and Tigger played with their school boxes (pencils, crayons, rulers, etc). Don't ask me why they were playing with these articles. I don't know. For some reason the 56 million other toys didn't suit this morning. Anyhow, this is the conversation I heard from the other room:

Polly: This one is named John the Baptist. (No doubt holding up a very noble pencil)
Tigger: John the Baptist? (You have to imagine an incredulous three year old voice here)
Polly: Yeah, it's in the Bible.
Tigger: Oh, o.k. This one is Rush Limbaugh. (Tigger's favorite name. Don't ask.)
Polly: O.k, that's good.
Tigger: What about this one?
Polly: Oh, that one's Skywalker.
Tigger: O.k.
Polly: And this one can be the mom. We'll call her Sarah.
Tigger: Great!

What a family. (The pencil family, I mean. Good luck, Mother Sarah, with your three notorious sons.)


MacKenzie said...

Craig and Tigger have so much in common. His favorite name is Rush Limbaugh too. Even after we found out that the cat we were adopting was a girl, I still had to convince him to name her something else.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how cute! "Rush Limbaugh" is a fun name to say, isn't it? And don't get my five-year-old sister started on the Skywalkers...

-Christine from Arizona

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