Sunday, February 3, 2008

Masterpiece's Miss Austen Regrets

Having just seen Miss Austen Regrets I must ask: Where have these people been?! This movie was night and day better than the adaptations we've been subjected to (with the possible exception of Northanger Abbey).

The costumes: lovely and, more importantly, appropriate.

The actions: no completely ridiculous marathons (a la Persuasion); no awkward and entirely unromantic kiss at the end. (There was a bit of dancing that seemed out of place but I'll let that go.)

The acting: excellent. (Small point here, maybe I'm just immature - highly likely - but I laughed a bit at the actress who played Fanny. Her real name is Imogen Poots. O.k., Lulu is probably the only one who will understand why that tickled me so much but still, what a last name to have to live with!) Olivia Williams is to be commended for her sensitive portrayal of such an iconic person.

The plot/storyline: well crafted. I'm not an expert on Jane Austen's real life (is anyone really?!) but this movie didn't imply that she pined her life away grieving over any specific man. I refuse to believe that anyone as obviously intelligent as Miss Austen could not make up her own mind.

The low point: I sincerely hope that Jane Austen's mother was not as awful as this movie implied. If so, that woman would be the reason matricide was invented. Don't watch this movie on Mother's Day, is all I'm saying.

So, anyone else watch? And yes, I'm aware that this was on at the same time as some football game...the Super Bowl I think they called it. I've told you that I'm married to a Prince among men. He graciously allowed me to watch this "Austen thing" (as he called it) instead of watching that sporting event. It's like having my own Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knightley, Mr. Tilney, and Captain Wentworth all rolled up into one wonderful man.

If you'd like to see it:

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