Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'll Work on that Later

Remember the other day when I confessed my lack of patience? I had ordered a set of movies from Australia and expected them to come immediately...ringing any bells?

Well, they're here. I went out to get the mail today and had a package from Australia. Seeing as I'm only expecting one item from Australia (despite having a few distant cousins that live there) I immediately let out a squeal. No, it was not one of my more lady-like moments. I don't care. I'll just work on that whole patience thing another time.

My sisters and I have been known, in our younger (crazier) days to watch one of these movies multiple times a day. I'm not proud of that, I'm just stating a fact. Our parents limited our TV (read: none) for much of my childhood so we compensated with movies. And this was one of my most favorites.

So I am now able to watch, in crystal clear picture quality with the original (more romantic!)Australian endings:
Prince Charming is not sure why I like these movies so much. He concludes it must be the horses. I put one of the movies on this afternoon, just to be sure they worked (region free and all that), you understand, and my two oldest were immediately riveted.

"Look at the horses, mom!" (This from Polly)
"Oh, this is my favorite movie!" (This from Tigger who has never seen either one)

I can only conclude from this that I watched these movies so often as a youngster that they are now in my children's genetic make-up. Let that be a cautionary tale for you, if you like. I'm actually enjoying the prospect of watching with my girls, when they're old enough. Prince Charming may even join us.

(Disclaimer: The Authoress is not endorsing these movies for all people. There is occasional rough language. For what it's worth they are rated PG here in the U.S and were made back in the '80's. I'll probably let Polly, who is 6, watch them with me pretty soon but not Tigger. Naturally, you should use your own judgment.)


LULU said...

Would it mean anything if I told you I just watched both of these movies last night?! How funny! I'll try not to watch them everyday like I used too.

Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) said...

What's the difference between the different endings?

How would I know which ones I've seen?

My husband always thought it was beyond weird that they chose that big ol' guy for the dad. Make s no sense, really.

I loved them both, in different ways (for different reasons) until I recognized the "cohabitation" of the second one, and was crushed.

"They're married," my husband insisted firmly. "We just didn't see it."

Karen said...

I haven't watched the new ones all the way through yet. The main difference I know about is in the second movie (which is titled differently depending on whether you buy it in the US or Australia). The only ending ever shown in the US is the "short" ending.

Unfortunately the "real" ending makes it quite clear that they were "shacking up". My parents always told us that they had gotten married before that point. I can't say I ever thought about it much but I'm afraid I am now sure that it isn't so. The Australian one shows the wedding. It's sweet and romantic but it is at the end of the movie.

That sad fact and the strange casting option of Brian Dennehy for Harrison are the two main reasons why I think the second movie is not as good as the first.

I think I'll always just imagine that they did get married before that part and that the wedding at the end is just so their friends and family can celebrate with them. :)

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