Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Long Can It Possibly Take?

Just in case you've been laboring under the assumption that I am a patient person, what with the homeschooling, staying home with three daughters (so far), etc., let me enlighten you. I'm not a patient person, generally speaking.

Need proof? Here it is and it isn't pretty:

Prince Charming just decided to purchase a new, fancier (read: more expensive) DVD player. We don't watch much television but he does like to watch movies and hey, so do I. So far, so good. Nothing about patience there. It came two days after he ordered it.

It got more interesting when we realized that this DVD player can be region free. Freedom from someone telling us which movies from which part of the world we can watch! We're region free, folks! We can watch movies from anywhere in the world! I can watch the recent Jane Austen movies as they were meant to be seen (as in not chopped all to pieces!). Region Free.

I immediately ordered a set of movies from Australia.

And they're not here yet. I realize I only ordered them last week. I realize that Australia is Down Under and all that. I realize that there's a little thing we like to call the Pacific Ocean between them and me. Not to mention most of the continental U.S.

Yes, I realize all of this and yet...I want my movies and I want them yesterday. I've really got to work on this patience thing.

So there you go. You can be a Christian, adoring wife, SAHM, homeschooling mom, etc. and not have patience. Who knew?

(Bonus points if you can guess which movies I ordered.)


Lulu said...

I'm gonna take a stab and say the jane austin movies....and if I'm right, I'd like to borrow them. That is... if you ever get them.

Karen said...

Nope, not the immortal Jane. I'm going to order those from the UK, hopefully soon.

Think Australia...

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