Friday, February 22, 2008

Frugal Fridays - Free Homeschool Resources

I've posted about some great homeschool resources here. Here are some more:

Homeschool Share This site has many great ideas, based on the Five in a Row Curriculum. Lots of great ideas for lapbooks, with all kinds of templates and printables as well.

Paula's Archives There is so much here! This site is wonderful if you follow a Classical school approach, with great ideas for History, Latin, Greek, and much more. Great ideas for things to do with preschoolers as well.

Exuberant Games This is Polly's new favorite math game site. Lots of online games.

Zoom School Enchanted Learning Coloring pages of all types, printables, maps, and more.

I honestly don't know how my parents managed to homeschool my sisters and me without the internet. I still remember when we got our first personal computer. Oh happy day! Remember DOS? And primitive windows?

I never could have imagined as a child how much computers would change the way we live. Then, if we wanted to have worksheets or activities for a subject my mom had to buy curriculum that included that subject or design her own.

Now, if we want a coloring sheet about Ancient Egypt, or Van Gogh's painting Bedroom at Arles, or practice writing Aa's all I have to do is click and print. Whatever we may spend in ink and printer wear is still less than buying a full curriculum we don't like.

Check out many more great frugal ideas at Biblical Womanhood.

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Jennifer said...

I find myself constantly printing out pages from the internet for my kids to do. I do have curriculum, but if we use all the curriculum I have on a topic and the kids still need more practice I can almost always find what I need online somewhere. it is such a great resource.

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