Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What We Made

Now that Christmas is safely past and everyone has opened their gifts I can show you how Prince Charming and I spent our entire December a few hours. We were making these (and no these are not all of them): We made over 300 magnets. It was addictive, I must confess. Prince Charming often pulled aside some and said, "I have to keep this one." (He ended up keeping about 25). Then we packaged them in gift card tins (24 to a tin). I decorated the tin packages like this:
A couple of my packages are not showing because they had already been sent off. With my extensive magazine collection, some glue, a few strips of magnets, and clear stones from the floral department at Michael's this project cost very little out of pocket. And the wrapping paper is actually recycled grocery bags.

The hard part now is to stop seeing perfect little circles in every magazine I look at. Must not make any more magnets...for now.


Amy D said...

Those magnets look SO FUN!! I am already bursting with ideas of what I want to do with my own! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Do you have one of those nifty little circle cutters? I do, but even then that looks like alot of work! :) Neat idea!


Karen said...

Thanks everyone!

Morgan, we do have several little circle cutters but we ended up not using them. It was easier to cut out the rough shape, glue it to the stone, and trim with decoupage scissors (I'm sure sewing scissors or manicure scissors would work just as well.) The stones are not exactly the same size so you can fit your image to the stone.

I'm warning you - if you make them it is hard to stop!

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