Thursday, January 31, 2008

This blog is...

Amy from Buffaloes & Butterfly Wings has passed on this award to me. I'd like to thank the academy...o.k, maybe not. But it still made my day. Now to pass it on to others much more deserving than myself:

Morgan - one of my friends from way, way back. (Like, her birth!) She's not always right *coughhuckabeecough* but I love her anyway. Morgan has a true artist's perspective that is a definite gift from the real Artist.

Ashleigh - one of my newest blog reads, discovered through Morgan. Her spirit and optimism through her current challenges (her husband just left on a long tour of duty) are inspiring!

Amy - Untangling Tales is a rich blog of stories, advice, and commentary. Amy is a truly creative writer and she is partially responsible for my renewed desire to actually write the story I've been thinking about writing for a long time.

Kim - Her blog is just beautiful and chock full of great home keeping, homeschooling, celebrating girlhood goodies.

Monica - The Homespun Heart is another beautiful blog that celebrates femininity and godliness.

Everyone at The Common Room -this entire family is what I want my family to be when we grow up. I check this blog 2-3 times a day because you never know what kind of treat for the eye or mind will be there.

The rules for this award say you are supposed to pass it on to 10 bloggers but I'm afraid I don't know that many (I don't actually know all of the above!). There are a few people I know who should have a blog and don't - I'm lookin' at you Lulu - but if I think of 4 more actual bloggers I'll edit this post to add them. Check my sidebar for the blogs that I must read every day. Each one adds something to my thought life, creative endeavors, homeschool attempts, or just my pursuing the ultimate goal of Christlikeness.

And thanks again, Amy!


Anonymous said...

What in the world would I blog about..........

love, lulu

Anonymous said...

Aw! That's made my night!! (Even with the disclaimer. ;))

Thanks Karen!!


thehomespunheart said...

How kind of you to share this award with me - thank you!

Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) said...

Oops! I saw this back when you posted it, but forgot to say thanks, then thought I already had ;o)

But thanks :o)

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