Monday, January 14, 2008

That Time Tae Kwon Do Broke My Heart

Remember when I told you about this? Well, last week it came time for my Polly to promote from lowly white belt to lofty yellow belt. This involves:

- knowing how to count to 10 in Korean
- knowing a 17 movement "form"
- knowing 10 self defense moves in order
- sparring for 2 minutes (yes, this means fighting)
- breaking a board with a side kick

Each thing adds to a cumulative score. Polly did very well on each thing until the last. She could not break that dumb board, despite the fact that she did break one in class one time. I don't know if she was just nervous or what but the night did not go well. Her teacher went ahead and let her promote, while telling her that she would still have to break that board before progressing further. So she promoted with a low score.

Meanwhile a girl exactly the same age and size promoted with a really high score and two special commendations. Prodigy children are so annoying.

Now I know that there are mothers out there dealing with much larger concerns for their children. (Like Amy and her sweet little one Alan. Pray for him!) And in the grand scheme of things it isn't going to matter whether Polly ever breaks another board in her life. And yet...

I must confess that my first reaction to this (and it was Prince Charming's too, I might add) is to never go back to TKD again. We'll just pretend the past few months of twice weekly lessons (except December which we took off) was a dream. We'll take our yellow belt and run, thankyouverymuch. She tried it, it's not for her, end of story.

But it isn't the end of the story. That was our reaction, not hers. She clapped for each person as they broke their boards. She never got upset. She congratulated the little prodigy at the end of class.

And now she's ready to go back to class tonight, having practiced a few side kicks. She is only slightly discouraged, asking her daddy and me variations on this question: "I will break a board, won't I?"

Whoever said that motherhood is having your heart walking around outside your body was exactly right. So tonight I will load up my heart and her gear and drive 30 minutes to the studio and watch her spar and kick and go on. She'll be great. I'll be a mess. And if this stuff hasn't "taken" by the time the next promotion rolls around We Are Outtathere.

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lulu said...

Tell her I'm so proud of her!

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