Monday, December 3, 2007

Books of 2007 - September

Reading picked up again as our homeschool year started.

1. Praying in Color by Sybil MacBeth. Non-fiction. Interesting but not life changing.

2. Dragon's Lair by Sharon Kay Penman. Fiction. Series mystery. Decent.

3. Writer's Workshop in a Book edited by Alan Cheuse. Non-fiction. Very interesting, full of ideas. I still haven't finished my book, though.

4. Shakespeare 101 by Michael LoMonico. Non-fiction. Helpful review of all that Shakespeare "stuff" I'm supposed to know. (Ha!)

5. No Graves as Yet by Anne Perry. Fiction. Series mystery. This started a new WW1 series for Anne Perry. I've enjoyed some of her Victorian mysteries. These books are intense and portray the Great War realistically, or so I assume. I don't think they're quite as genius as Perry obviously does.

6. Prince of Darkness by Sharon Kay Penman. Fiction. Series mystery. Not quite as good as some of the stories earlier in the series.

7. Taste by Letitia Baldrige. Non-fiction. Amusing, historically relevant anecdotes but one is left feeling that if you weren't born Jackie O or Clare Booth Luce you are decidedly out of luck. We can't all be Audrey Hepburn (sigh).

8. Shoulder the Sky by Anne Perry. Fiction. Series mystery. #2 following No Graves As Yet (see above). These books practically absorbed me in September. I read them as quickly as I could get my hands on them.

9. Angels in the Gloom by Anne Perry. Fiction. Series mystery. #3 following above.

10. Our Mothers' War by Emily Yellin. Non-fiction. I suspect I've read this book about the Second World War before I started listing everything I read in my notebook. Helpful, informative book. (Fair warning: some blatant feminism)

11. At Some Disputed Barricade by Anne Perry. Fiction. Series mystery. #4 following above listed titles.

12. For Parents Only by Shaunti Feldham & Lisa Rice. Non-fiction. Probably meant more for parents of teenagers. Well researched.

13. We Shall Not Sleep by Anne Perry. Fiction. Series mystery. #5 and the series finale. Didn't conclude to my satisfaction. Some fairly gaping plot holes but still, riveting and distracting reading. At times these books (not just this one) make you feel as if you can almost smell the trenches or feel the cold. The blood, the mud, the men...Not enough has been written about the First World War, in my opinion. These mysteries inspired me to seek out some non-fiction books, which will be mentioned in my October list.

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