Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Plague, A Pox...Something

It began last week, during our Thanksgiving trek to the in-laws. Polly had a pretty bad cold. Every day we'd think, "She'll be better today." And she never was.

Monday, back home, Prince Charming took her to the doctor. One sinus infection diagnosis and one antibiotic prescription later she was running around as cheerful as ever.

Which was a good thing because the rest of us are now ill. I have scarcely moved from my bed in the past three days. Prince Charming will start "feeling better" and go meet some obligation whereupon he feels just as bad as before.

Sweet Pea has a stuffy nose and swollen eye. It looks terrible but she remains as happy as ever. And by the way, did you know that doctors no longer prescribe antibiotics to babies? They aren't allowed to because some parents were overdosing their children. So you have to wait until your precious baby is sick enough to be hospitalized. Tell me what kind of sense that makes!

Tigger is not her bouncy self. She has a stuffed nose and scratchy throat. She fights sleep, which would probably help her feel better because she's afraid she'll miss something. What I don't know. My twice daily painful shuffle to the counter for my hard fought antibiotic?

Yes, despite my informing the doctor that I am still nursing Sweet Pea he prescribed me a medicine I could not take while nursing. And, being in a somewhat diminished state, I didn't notice until I got home. As I am allergic to penicillin the options seemed limited. But after several terse phone conversations between Prince Charming and the medical experts the doctors finally agreed on one, which I have been taking faithfully, after my sweet husband dragged himself out in his coughing achy state to retrieve it. But it doesn't seem to have eased my sinus infection at all.

Maybe if we could bottle whatever makes Polly tick we'd all feel better.

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Amy D said...

Oh no! Sickness is never good, and whole-family-sickness is even worse!
And isn't great that some people are..well... not smart and mess things up for everyone else!? I hope the baby recovers well on her own, despite the lack of antibiotics!

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