Friday, November 30, 2007

A Pity Party Cut Short

- How sad is it to watch a hungry baby try to nurse with a stuffy nose? And have that baby smile at you with her little eye swollen, as if to say, "I know this isn't your fault"?

- How pitiful is it when your three year old croaks to you, "Mommy, will you pray for me to feel better?"

- How ridiculous is it to be absolutely starving but afraid to eat anything because it will 1) hurt your throat and 2) possibly upset your delicate stomach peace?

- How spoiled is it to be tired of eating chicken noodle soup?

- How unjust is it when you tell your almost six year old to (and I shamefully quote), "Go be bouncy somewhere else"?

O.k. blog "whiny voice" off now. Things are looking up a bit today. I'm thankful that:

- The sun is shining. I will not be going out in it because it's cold! But at least it's shining.

- I'm out of bed and will probably get through with just 1-2 naps today instead of 21 hours of sleep.

- The doctor called in a prescription (ointment) for Sweet Pea's eye.

- Prince Charming is out right now buying essential groceries, tissues, and more cold medicine. That man has earned many crowns in Heaven this week.

- I managed to shower last night. I'm still sick but at least I'm clean sick. Before last night I couldn't even stand much less walk to the shower.

- Apple Juice and Sprite are the nectar of the gods. Or something like that. Hot tea is an abomination that will make your stomach hate you.

- Saltines are one of the world's perfect foods.

- Despite the house falling apart around our ears (mail piled up, clothes not put away, dirty dishes on the counter, etc.) the laundry is mostly under control. (Yes, I'm giving myself a pat on the back for doing a lot of it Monday before I felt bad.) Also, it's easy to keep your clothes clean when you just wear pajamas all the time.


Jodi said...

Awwww... sorry to hear you guys have been so sick ... hope you are all feeling much better this afternoon! Take care and take it easy -- don't worry about the house or dishes they'll wait!

Love you!

Amy D said...

Oh bless your hearts! I myself have seen a stuffy-nosed baby try to nurse. Isn't that the saddest thing!? And, yes, to smile anyway. Precious little people, aren't they? :)
Hope you are all feeling better soon. :)

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