Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Books of 2007 - January

So, I've seen several different blogs posting about what they've read this year. I'll be making a series of posts about my reading list this year. I'll give the name of the book, whether it is fiction or non, what I remember about it and whether it's any good or not.

I will not be including things I've read to the girls, books of the Bible I've read, books on tape or c.d, books I've started but not finished, Sunday School curriculum, Bible study curriculum or anything I read for school before I graduated in May and generally no how-to books or cook-books unless I really did read every word. Without further ado, here's the list for January:

1. Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Fiction. Not as good as the hype. Read Tolkien or Lewis, or anything about King Arthur for that matter, and you won't have to read this. Or as Prince Charming put it, "It sounds like he wrote this with a thesaurus in one hand". While it's cool that a homeschooled boy wrote this and actually got it definitely left me with a, "It that all?" feeling.

2. The Art of Being a Woman by Veronique Vienne. Non-fiction. Don't remember this at all. Hey, January was a long time ago!

3. The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise. Non-fiction. Definitely falls into the "Buy it now!" category. Very helpful for me as a young homeschooling mom. Occupies a place of honor in all my "education" books.

4. Great Tales from English History Volume III by Robert Lacey. Non-fiction. Entertaining and easy to read. Prince Charming and I listened to the first two volumes on c.d. and I read this one because our library didn't have it on c.d. yet. Good if you like history in small "bites".

5. Love, Magic, and Mudpies by Bernie Siegel. Non-fiction. O.k, but too "new-agey" for my taste.

6. Living Artfully by Sandra Magsamen. Non-fiction. Really, really good and as a bonus, really beautiful to look at as well. A nice way to start the year for me. If I see this on sale somewhere, I'll buy it.

7. The Frantic Woman's Guide to Life by Rulnick & Schneider. Non-fiction. Not that I'm, you know, frantic or anything. Some useful tips but I can't actually remember what they were.

8. Degunking Your Home by Joli Ballew. Non-fiction. The library had a display of organizing/cleaning books, what can I say? This may have been useful but again, I don't exactly remember.

9. The Awful Truths by Brian Thomsen. Non-fiction. There are awful truths? What are they?! Well, they couldn't be that bad because I don't remember them.

10. Eldest by Christopher Paolini. Fiction. Yes, I read the sequel even though the first one (see #1 above) didn't exactly "do it" for me. And I'll probably read the third one when it comes out. I'm dedicated like that.

If I seem a bit scatter-brained concerning some of these early entries it may help to remember that when I read them Sweet Pea was still safely in-utero. So, I'm blaming it on the pregnancy brain. If I can't remember details on the books I read after she was born I'll blame it on sleep deprivation. Being a mom has its perks.

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