Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Big 1-0-0

This is my 100th post so the post that follows is kinda long. But it contains everything you ever wanted to know about me. (Um, no, it probably doesn't, but anyway, it might.)

1. I was raised a Baptist P.K (Preacher's Kid).
2. My dad is still a Baptist Pastor.
3. I married a Baptist Preacher.
4. Who now works with my dad.
5. I have three daughters (which you know if you've read this blog more than once)
6. I am the oldest of three daughters.
7. We have one younger brother (14 years younger than moi)
8. Our parents have homeschooled all of us.
9. I made a 26 on my ACT.
10. I just finished my B.A. this spring.
11. It's in Christian Counseling. Need any advice?
12. I've worked in a Christian bookstore, Christian school, & Michael's Arts & Crafts (but not all at once).
13. I read 2-3 books a week.
14. Not counting what I read my girls.
15. Or magazines.
16. I have 6 magazine subscriptions right now.
17. Mostly decorating.
18. I keep all my favorite issues.
19. I rarely write in my books.
20. Except my Bible - it's pretty marked up.
21. I've had it since 1994.
22. It's pink.
23. I took piano lessons for 13 years.
24. I've taught piano for 10 years.
25. I've been church pianist for 6 years.
26. I sing all.the.time.
27. Or whistle.
28. Or hum.
29. Show tunes are my favorite.
30. Old songs are great, too.
31. Or new ones - quirky things not yucky stuff.
32. I started writing my first novel when I was 14.
33. I haven't quite finished it yet.
34. I will soon.
35. It's set in WW2.
36. Maybe I'll write a sequel too.
37. My favorite author is Jane Austen.
38. I enjoy well written historical fiction.
39. Edith Schaeffer is my favorite Christian author.
40. Non-fiction books about historical eras and events are my favorite.
41. I collect old books (duh!).
42. And blue and white china.
43. And vintage juice glasses.
44. And some tea-cups.
45. I sort change into 4 different containers by type.
46. I divide pennies 4 ways as well.
47. I still have my childhood piggy bank.
48. It is indeed a pig.
49. I once broke a bank as a child by climbing up my dresser drawers.
50. It took me 21 minutes to get 1/2 way in this list.
51. I've always wanted 5 children.
52. Sometimes, now, I don't.
53. Mostly I do, and sometimes I want more than that.
54. I married Prince Charming when I was 18.
55. I'm 4 1/2 years younger than he is.
56. He's almost 12 inches taller than I am.
57. We've known each other 22 years.
58. I was 4 when we met, and no, I don't remember it.
59. I was a (married) pregnant teenager for 2 months.
60. I was (and am) often barefoot.
61. I don't like shoes very much.
62. I don't care much about jewelry, either.
63. I don't carry a purse.
64. I'm intimidated by our cell phone and it's about as basic as they come.
65. I hate talking on the phone, period.
66. I love to get mail.
67. I used to fight with my sister over whose turn it was to get the mail.
68. We divided our room down the middle more than once.
69. I enjoy a good
70. I do an online puzzle every morning.
71. I dislike cleaning.
72. I actually enjoy doing the laundry, most of the time.
73. I dislike driving.
74. I passed my driving test by 1 point.
75. I never, ever watch scary movies. Ever.
76. I have vivid dreams.
77. I had terrible nightmares as a child after watching The Wizard of Oz.
78. I love desserts.
79. Especially chocolate ones.
80. My husband is a better cook than I am.
81. I've never smoked a cigarette.
82. I've never had so much as a drop of alcohol.
83. I've never even seen any non-medicinal drugs.
84. I don't drink hot tea.
85. Or coffee. Unless it's expensive and frothy.
86. I drink mostly water.
87. I love hot chocolate with real whipped cream but not marshmallows.
88. My favorite candy bar is Snickers.
89. Maybe Reese's.
90. I'm a card carrying member of the NSDAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).
91. My husband was my first kiss.
92. I love my brother as if he were my own child. But I share him with my parents.
93. I enjoy other people's dogs. (Especially Onyx...)
94. I can't stand cats but they're alright if they stay outside.
95. I'm terrified of snakes, mice, & birds in the house.
96. I can't stand any form of cheating.
97. I enjoy sarcasm, irony, and a sharp wit.
98. I organize things wherever I go: my sister's house, the grocery store, etc.
99. I'm fiercely loyal to all my extended family, including my in-laws.
100. I truly do want to honor my Savior with all my heart, soul, & strength. I've been saved for 21 years but I feel like I'm just now starting to understand what that means.

If you stuck with me this long, thanks! And if you suspect that I lead a boring life: you couldn't be more wrong.


Anonymous said...

Very fun!!


Tarah said...

I just loved reading this! :)

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