Monday, October 8, 2007

What's Going on at our House

What's going on at our house right this minute?

- I'm playing working on the computer. I grocery shopped today and it just sucked the life right out of me. Didn't I formerly have more energy than this? So I'm 26 now and my energy is gone forever. I'll just have to adapt, I guess.

- Prince Charming is mowing the lawn. It's in the upper 80's today, October though it may be.

- Sweet Pea is eating things off the floor crawling around.

- Tigger is running around and asking when we can "go some-ere". It's boring here at home, you see.

- Polly is sitting in the living room singing the poem "Ooey Gooey". The tune is her own even if the words aren't. Bet you wish you could hear it. My gratitude to my husband for teaching her this poem knows no bounds. She throws in a refrain of "Fuzzy Wuzzy" and "Purple Cow" just for variety every four verses or so. I'm so proud.

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Anonymous said...

LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Karen, I love stopping by your blog it never fails to give me a smile and send me into a fit of giggles !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Love ya!

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