Wednesday, October 3, 2007

WFMW - Toddler troubles

O.k, folks, in honor of Works for me Wednesday "Backwards Day" I've got a few questions for you:

- Any suggestions on handling a strong-willed just turned 3 year old? After my posts of last week we have had some positive breakthroughs but I'd like some more ideas. What works for you?

- Any suggestions on potty-training the aforementioned just turned 3 year old? She's completely trained (during the day) for whatever you want to call the function of her kidneys and bladder. But she is set against ever, ever completing what our grandparents call "moving the bowels". Sorry, I know it's TMI, but I'm at my wit's end here. She wears big girl under-roos all day long and she's proud of that, but concerning the, ahem, other function, she just won't...go. Please, please help us!

- Any pointers on eczema? Sweet Pea has it on her face. The medicine the doctor gave us seems to help but I'm just wondering if there's anything else I could be doing. Sweet Pea seems to have pretty sensitive skin so general ideas about that would be good, too.

Okay, that was pitiful enough. In happier news the infamous "boppy" (Tigger's pacifier) is gone for good. After a rough bedtime last Friday and nap time last Saturday, in which ultimatums were handed down, battles were fought, tears were shed (mine and hers!) and hugs were given, it's gone and she's happy about being a big girl. The Lord has been good. And it really is a good thing because I was beginning to think one of us was going to spend the rest of her life in her room.

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I Was Just Thinking.... said...

My daughter, who's now 13, has suffered on and off with excema since she was about 1. The only cream that seemed to soothe and heal was eucerin - cream not lotion.

C said...

My son also has excema and we have found a few things that work. We use Eucerin Cream on him after showers,before bed...pretty much all day long. We also dont put soap bubbles in his bath but use Aveno Oatmeal for his bath... it makes his skin so soft and soothes his itchy skin. He also has it on his arms and legs so we always keep him dry in cotton clothing that breathes! Poor little thing.. .it's not a fun thign to have... I hope you find something that works~!

Monica said...

I have 4 children with excema and I hear your pain. What I've found that works more that anything is getting the area soaked in water before applying anything- medication or lotion. It need to suck it in like a sponge to work well.
Also, if there is an outbreak I usually back off of all fragrance- laundry soaps, shampoos for a while.

Oh yeah, my dermatologist also warned me that dryer sheets are particularly irritating.

Hope this helps.

Capturing Today said...

I would encourage you to look at any possible diet causes for the eczema rashes - at 3 my daughter started having patchy rashes behind her knees, under her arms, around her elbows, on her bottom. We finally found and discovered that there are many fruits that are very high in natural salicylates (natural aspirin) and some children are super sensitive to these. Sure enough, when we took away oranges and grapes, foods she was eating daily, her rashed completely went away.

Kathy Days said...
Link to some potty tips, but I don't know if it would help with your "situation", which I've heard is actually really common. Is constipation/discomfort an issue there?

For the skin: Acid Mantel (or mantle?) is the best thing ever. $44 for a little tub at CVS, behind the pharmacy but no prescription needed. It is so worth the price, and goes on pretty thin, so it lasts forever. Eucerin is good too, but it's just so thick. Aquaphor works but it stains everything.

My food allergic child had very sensitive skin as a babe, so be on the lookout there...

Charlotte said...

Well, I would second the idea to look at the diet. Maybe milk or wheat sensitivity- there are many possiblities. We LOVE Burt's Bees.

As for the 'moving the bowels' try adding FIBER to the diet to get them moving beyond her ability to control it... There are many tastless brands you could mix in juice, milk applesauce, etc. I like to bake bread and add flaxmeal, or even just putting it in the egg mixture for french toast. The possibilites are endless!

Lisa (SAH in Suburbia) said...

Moisture is a key with eczema. My daughter had a rough go with it for the first 2.5 years of her life. Things we did:
1) bathe 1-2 times a day - warm water, not hot and IMMEDIATELY put cream on after the skin was patted dry - Aveno (green bottle) was the lotion we used
2) No shampoo, soaps, bubbles or products of any kind that have a scent
3) Baby laundry detergent and no dryer sheets
4) WE also eliminated wheat and dairy which was a HUGE help
5) soft cotton clothes
6) major amounts of dusting and vacuuming in her room
7) regular washing of bedding and stuffed animals
Hope you find something that works for you. Good luck!!

Ami said...

On excema: No dyes or perfumes in your soaps or detergents. Eucerin cream. When our son has a bad breakout sneak up on us, I take him swimming, of all things! The chlorine clears him up in 1 day. Maybe you'll need to find an indoor pool!

Seis said...

For the excema I also used Aquaphor which was suggested by my pediatrician. Then I realized I could just use petroleum jelly. It is the same thing. Also, get only cotton PJ's as I found blanket sleepers and the fire retardent kind would irritate my son's skin.
Good Luck

Maricar said...

I've found that soaking in an oatmeal bath for 15-20 minutes then applying moisturizer (we use Aquaphor) within 3 minutes after leaving the bath works wonders for the skin. The key really is moisture in the skin. The bath soak lets the skin absorb water, while the moisturizer seals it in. And absolutely no polyester clothing and other itchy fabrics which irritate skin.

happylittlemomma said...

Hi! I had really bad eczema growing up and for many years after I was married...I tried soaps, no meat, no sugar, no dairy...none of that worked for me! I finally came across a cream that is natural, but works as well as a steroid cream! Their website is I no longer have a problem with it! The only hitch was I did find it stung at first because my skin was raw and dry, but then it worked wonders. They have a kids version, but I use the adults on both me and my son (5yr). It is expensive to start with, but once it's under control, I find it lasts forever! Hope this helps, I am so thankful that the Lord helped me come across it....I was miserable! :)

Alicia said...

My daughters break out in ezcema-like rashes if I use any regular detergents. I have to use dye and fragrance free varieties and particularly with a baby that you hold against your clothes, you have to wash everyone's clothes and sheets this way.

My mother had terrible ezcema on her hands for years until she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. A gluten free diet gave her back her skin.

Hope this helps!

MacKenzie said...

I have always suffered from excema and the best thing for me is to avoid triggers. I switched to using "All, free and clear" and no dryer sheets. Then, when it does happen, everyone else's suggestions work for me. And I wish I could bath in pool water, my childhood summer when I spent hours in the pool were some of the best times for my skin.

Rhen (yestheyareallmine) said...

Just to add to the excema problem (I have dealt with it for all of my 30+ years) the two main aggravants are pork and stress. Others include dyes, fragrances and very acidic foods. When you find a good cream that helps to heal and keeps the skin moist- hang on to it! Epsom salt baths help with the swelling and itching as well/

Rain said...

Eczema is often made worse by food allergies, so try keeping a log of her outbreaks and see what foods correspond to them. We figured out that certain foods make pur daughter's eczema flare like crazy. We also use a special soap I make here at home using goat's milk and oatmeal powder, but you can find something similar at health food stores, and we use aveeno in the tub. We've two lasses with eczema and 18 years of exprience dealing with it so if you're even in need of more info feel free to email me.

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