Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WFMW - Baby Organization

We live in a small house. A really small house. If Tigger sneezes in the farthest corner of the back bedroom I say, "Bless you" from my comfy bed in my front bedroom. My spinet piano, an heirloom from Prince Charming's great-grandmother, is in my kitchen because that's the only place it would fit. It's nice to practice serenade the cook while fixing dinner.

Yes, our house is small and this presents some challenges. When Polly and Tigger were babies we had a beautiful Jenny Lind baby bed. We realized, back when we learned that Sweet Pea was on the way, that there would be no room for the crib. So as soon as Tigger moved into the big girl bed (built by her daddy) the crib was packed up and given back to my parents to wait for the next grandchild who needs it and who has space for it.

Now, don't worry about Sweet Pea, she doesn't sleep in a fruit crate. We have a very nice Pack 'n Play set up in our room. She naps in this, plays, safe from the loving grasp of her big sisters, and occasionally she even sleeps in it at night. Not often. Back when she was smaller, long long a few months ago, we used the bassinet and changing pad pieces, which suspend over the bed. Now that she's too big for those she's in the main bed part. Which leaves very little storage for her diapers, lotions, powders, etc. So I bought this from Bed, Bath, & Beyond (yes, I used a coupon):

It's meant to hang in kitchen cabinets but it hangs perfectly from the side of her bed. It doesn't take up much space. It holds diapers, a slim case of wipes, and various lotions and ointments (remember, Sweet Pea has sensitive skin). It works (wonderfully) for me! Check out Rocks in My Dryer for some of the best ideas floating around the Blogosphere today.


Margo said...

Wow, great tip! I tried 2 different styles of organizers, but never considered the simple one that's meant to hang from a cabinet! Smart.

texastanya said...

Great tip! I'll have to pass it along to my SIL who is expecting any day now.

Amy D said...

I love containers & organizers of all shapes & sizes. Isn't it great when you find just what you need!?

And as for The Strong Willed Child: He gives a lot of good insight into how the mind of a child (and particularly a strong-willed one) works & really lays the foundation for the importance of disciplining your kids consistantly & correctly.
However, for practical, to-the-point strategies, I am loving Hints on Child Training by H.C. Trumbull. I've even wondered if it is where Dr. Dobson got some of his ideas. Are you familiar with it? I hadn't heard of it until recently, but I will definitely be reading it again!
And now I've written a book review in your WFMW post...oops! lol.

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