Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Harvest Party-ers

For those of you who ignore the spectacle of October 31st: please put your stones away and feel free to skip this post entirely. For the rest of you, here are Polly, Tigger, & Sweet Pea all gussied up for the big Harvest Party at our church tonight. We had a blast and were quite inundated with candy as many of our regular Wednesday night crowd must have been out trick or treating. More for us, we say!

The Beautiful Fairy Princess Polly

We have not one picture where she's actually smiling sweetly. She loved her costume and the custom art work her daddy did on both of her cheeks, but she can't smile naturally in a picture to save her life.

Blues Clues Tigger

We're really mixing our characters here, aren't we?! I love this picture because she looks like she's seriously contemplating the tough issues. (Chocolate or fruity candy first?)

Sweet Pea Piggy

She consented to be dressed and fussed over, even though her mean old Mom won't let her have even a single piece of candy. Maybe Daddy will sneak her a taste...

After a supper at the place with the golden arches (yuck!) and the hour long Harvest Party at church, all three of our girls are sacked out now. Probably in sugar induced comas. Not really. We only let them eat one piece of candy. Prince Charming and I are having Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. 'Cause we just can't decide where to start on all that candy.

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Lulu said...

Oh- I love all the outfits! They look so cute!

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