Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back to our regularly scheduled...life

Home again, home again. Yes, we are back from our top secret getaway vacation. We had a wonderful time. However, as far as pictures are concerned, I don't have many to share yet. We had a camera problem (read: Prince Charming kept leaving it in the room) and are therefore at Lulu's mercy for most of the photo documentation. (Hint, hint!)

So, that picture of Sweet Pea passed out in her pack n play will have to do. It's what we all feel like now.

We're back to what passes for normal around here: grocery shopping, laundry, school work, laundry, cleaning the house, laundry, paying bills, laundry, sewing, laundry, work at church, laundry...

Did I mention laundry yet?

How is it that you can be gone for 6 days and you packed in three suitcases yet the laundry seems to consist of every. article. of. clothing. in the house? And beach towels. And sheets. And more towels. Add the sudden change of season (Guess what - It is now Fall and raining!) and the scramble for warmer clothing while the summer things are not yet put away... It's enough to make me crawl back into bed and under the covers. But I can't. The dryer is buzzing.

Just 82 loads to go. Or something like that.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you now need a vacation. I know the feeling. We went away for a week for our 25th anniversary and things were a mess when we got back and it was just the two of us. I used to blame it on the children but it's not their fault. :-) My son still brings his laundry home to Mom's "automatic" washer. He sits the hamper in the laundry room and comes back to find it folded, hung and ironed. I guess it's my fault. I keep doing it. He's a busy young man and can use the help. I'm an empty nester looking for ways to still be useful and needed. Several ladies at church have offered to bring thier laundry over too. I'm not looking that hard for work.
Enjoy the little ones while they are little and keep that washer going. :-)
Have a great day.
Donna W

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