Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WFMW - Getting out of the House

Here I am, having participated in Works for me Wednesday only a handful of times, and wondering if my tips are dried up. Surely something else works for me even if it isn't the most creative, insightful tip you've ever read. Right?

I'm scraping the bottom of my creativity barrel right now. I'll blame too little sleep and too much going on but it might just be one of those mentally dry times. I can't be the only one who gets these. I hope.

So here's the incredibly simple tip of the day, otherwise known as what gets us out the door during crazy times: our bags are hanging on hooks right near the back door (our primary entrance / exit from home sweet home). My beautiful diaper bag (I'm not kidding, it is seriously beautiful!) hangs there. I keep it stocked with Sweet Pea's diapers, wipes, and an emergency Pull-up for Tigger. It always holds my sunglasses, keys, wallet, pocket calendar, chapstick and gum. It includes lotion, powder, sunscreen, and a few other choice items most of the time. And I always keep a bottle of water in the special water bottle pocket. (Yes, it is a big bag. But did I mention it's beautiful?)

Hanging next to the diaper bag is our library bag. When we finish reading a library book, or watching a library movie it goes right into this bag. No wondering where everything is when it's time to go to the library. (We go 2 times a week.) Also hanging on these hooks are other canvas bags that can be filled with whatever, whenever. Prince Charming has a nice black messenger bag (not quite a brief case) that he keeps ready to go from our house to church or school. This is usually too heavy to hang on a hook, but it rest near the other bags, you know, so none of them get lonely.

Some organizing systems call this a "launch pad." That sounds a bit too NASA-y or just plain silly to me. I call it "common sense". And it Works for Me.


ellen b said...

Very smart, very organized, enjoy your outings...

Lady Why said...

That is a great idea! I need that kind of organization for all our 'must takes' when we are leaving the house.

Zen Master said...

I did this so the kids could have a place to hang backpacks and jackets. I was tired of them being on the floor. Since I've done that I've seen some really nice decorative hooks with mirrors and picture frames.

But it really is a timesaver and a great tip!

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