Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WFMW - Chores for Children

This Works for Me Wednesday I thought I'd mention how we handle chores around here. We have a chart on our fridge of "commission" chores (as described by Dave Ramsey). If the girls finish these items they get paid their commission. Now is probably the time to mention that this wage is much less than slave labor. I pay it out of my change box, if that helps you any. The chores on this list for Polly (almost 6) include:

- gathering the inside trash cans the night before the
garbage mensanitation workers come.

- pulling the empty big trash can and the recycling bin up from the road.

- putting the silverware away from the dishwasher two times.

- setting the table twice.

Chores on this list for Tigger (almost 3) include:

- helping gather the little trash cans.

- putting the silverware away from the dishwasher two times.

Chores that are not on commission and are simply your duty as a member of our family: making your bed, helping pick up toys, carrying your dirty dishes to the sink, help folding your laundry (o.k they're not very good at this yet!), watching the baby, sweeping the floor, etc.

Some of these chores may eventually become commission chores. And no, my girls don't do these things perfectly. But even a two year old is capable of dropping her dirty dishes in the sink (here's a free tip: don't use your fine china if you want your toddler to do this...). Even a two year old can attempt to pull up her sheet and quilt. Does it look perfect? Of course not. But she's learning. You should see Tigger's pride as she helps me fold her little unmentionables or our wash cloths. Don't underestimate small children. Of course we grown-ups could do these things faster ourselves but that is not the point!

My goal is to have Polly doing the family laundry by the time she's ten. Kidding, kidding! Sort of...


Andie said...

It's so interesting to see how each family manages chores. My post today for WFMW also included chores. I agree that they need to be responsible for doing certain things just as part of the family...I don't get paid to do the laundry or make my's just what I do to take care of my family. They need to learn this, too.
I enjoyed your list!

Mrs. Brownstone said...

Great tip!

I just blogged about our "commission chart", too!

You can read about it here:
Our children are older than yours - judging by your pic. Maybe it will help as yours get older. If not, that's fine, too!

Dave Ramsey is awesome! Glad to know it's working for your family, too!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled you took the time and wrote that :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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