Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sick kids or "What did you give her?"

We've had a busy couple of days around here. Last Thursday the older two girls spent the night with one set of my grandparents so Prince Charming and I (and Sweet Pea) could go to a Dave Ramsey Live Event. It was almost a date, seeing as we were down by 2/3 of our children. We almost didn't know how to behave.

Saturday was full, full, full with visitation, meetings and a church activity. Sunday was our church's "homecoming" or anniversary for those of you not familiar with the term homecoming. A big day. A big long day.

And did I mention that our girls are sick? Not sick enough to call the doctor...yet. Not sick enough to get out of our numerous obligations. Just what my dad would call "puny." And here's the clincher: none of them are sick with the same thing. Polly has some cold/flu type thing. She's downing Robitussin and chicken noodle soup like they're going out of style. Sweet Pea may be teething. Maybe not, but she's got something bothering her. Tigger...she's suffering from her own stubbornness. She has issues regarding certain internal processes, shall we call them?

So it is that each girl requires a different medication. Sweet Pea gets a tiny bit of baby acetaminophen. Polly gets the aforementioned cold medicine. Tigger gets, well, let's not talk about what Tigger gets. Just know that, despite the fact it is the same color as Polly's medicine, they cannot be switched. So I've taken to writing down what child has had what, when. Just one of those side effects of having more than one child. Pretty soon I'll be carrying around one of those medical charts and asking them what their pain is on a scale of 1-10.

Oh, and one of the less attractive things about being mother to sick children? To your children your skirt is much handier than the box of tissues sitting three inches away. That's all I'm saying.

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