Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Modesty and History

Despite her lingering illness Polly persevered with school work today. Hey, she's homeschooled - and her teacher is tough! For History we are using Susan Wise Bauer's The Story of the World. So far we've enjoyed it. We have a stack of 50+ books to "supplement" but the textbook & activity book are also really good.

We've worked our way up to the second chapter which is about the Ancient Egyptians. Very ancient. Ancient as in - wearing very few clothes ancient. Polly brought me her activity page, which was a picture of an Egyptian myth. And my sweet, sweet Polly had helpfully drawn (more) clothes on the figures. The men are now wearing brightly colored - possibly Hawaiian inspired - shirts. The ladies (and I'm using the term loosely, of course) are wearing rainbow-hued dresses suitable for any formal occasion.

And my not-quite-six year old is now explaining to my almost-three year old which one of the colorful characters drowned in the Nile before coming back to life (it's Osiris, in case you were wondering). Ah, homeschooling!

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