Monday, August 27, 2007

Travel Tips

When at the seashore your first course of action should be to pour sand in your hair. The adult reactions will be priceless. After this you can thoroughly enjoy the sand and water because you're already a mess. Besides, some people actually pay money for such exfoliating! - Tigger

Sitting while the tide comes in can be as exciting as any other beach activity. You should have your daddy take you out as far as you dare first, of course. Then you should sit where the tide comes in and let it wash over you, proving that harder work isn't always smarter. Or something. Anyway, it's fun! - Polly

If you must sleep on an air-mattress with your older sister, you might want to wear warm jammies. Those sisters can be pretty selfish with the covers. At Aunt Lulu's there are plenty of doggies that would be willing to keep you warm but they might slobber on your pillow. Best to just curl up with your personal blankie and bear it. - Tigger

When your uncle is in a hurry to get to work, be sure to make funny faces at the adult holding the camera, thereby insuring that none of the multiple pictures is quite what the adults wanted and you all look like no one knows each other. Maybe they'll learn and stop posing you for pictures with every relative that comes along? Probably not. - All girls


Anonymous said...

Hello. You probably don't know me but I go to Newby Baptist and knew the "Uncle" when he attended there. My son came to "Prince Charmings" ordination I believe while he attended mortuary school in Ohio. His name was Justin. I've met you several times over the years when you were younger. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing pictures of the children. My youngest daughter just got married in June and Justin is still single living back in our home town now working at a local funeral home. My daughter has a blog titled On the Branch and I did have one On the Creek which I've stopped for now but may take back up again soon.
Blessings to you and your family.
Donna Woosley

Anonymous said...

Welcome back home !!!!!!!!!! Looks like the girls had a WONDERFUL time !!!!!!!!!!!! :)

take care -

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