Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Little Catch-Up

Sorry for the unintended blog vacation, folks. I'm sure all five of you were disappointed. Next week is the long, long anticipated visit to the girls' beloved Aunt Lulu (and her husband and her four dogs!) so the web silence may continue. Or I may decide to blog from her computer. You know, if I have the time between the beach going, the talking, the shopping, the talking, the movie watching, the talking, the eating, the talking, the game playing...

Anyhow, while Prince Charming, Sweet Pea and I were off at the insanity ministry that is Church Camp for 7-12 year olds, Polly and Tigger were at their grandparents' (aka Pop & Mem, the wonderful folks who gave us my Prince Charming) house, being spoiled well looked after. Here follows some small taste of the excitement:

Cowgirls in jammies stringing necklaces. (Doesn't everyone put on their hat & bandana before bed?) Looks like Polly may be singing as well. Is that girl a multi-tasker or what?

Nothing like a Fairy Princess Outdoor Tea party in 100+ Tennessee humidity!
Only at Mem's house is cleaning actually fun... But it leads to some tuckered out little girls:

Yes, they actually fell asleep this way. These photos are not posed in any way, not that I wouldn't pose the girls this way!

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Anonymous said...

Soooo glad you're back ... I've checked in a million times ! :) You were certianly missed! :) The pics are darling --- looks like the girls had such a good time !!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful vacation to the beach ... I'm so jealous! :)And tell the girls' Aunt I said Hello too !!!!

Take care and I'll look forward to a post with pics when you get back home again !!! ;)


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