Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WFMW - A Magazine Tip

I read a lot of magazines. Some I subscribe to and many I check out at the library. One of my favorite things is looking for recipes to try. I've come across some that became instant family favorites. I've come across a few more that have become...trash bag filler.

Anyway, rather than pulling out every recipe that interests me I tag it with a sticky note. Then I type all tagged pages into a special computer file. I have separate files for Main Dishes, Breads/Breakfast food, Sides/Salads/Soups, and, my favorite of course, Desserts. When we try a recipe if we like it I can print it out and put it in the corresponding folder (kept in my kitchen) and if we hate it? Well, it can go to the great computer recycling bin in the sky, or wherever.

This is important because some magazines go back to the library, where they really look down on you removing pages. Some magazines I pass on to my sister. And some magazines I keep forever and want to keep "whole". Yes, I know it's sick, but I have every issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion that I've ever received (back to 2004!). Other magazines I tear apart for my inspiration books or scrapbooks but not that one.
Find tons of great Works for Me Wednesday tips at Rocks in my Dryer, hosted by Shannon.

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