Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WFMW - Busy Times

This week has been a real eye opener for me. Prince Charming is off having fun, I mean working, at church camp. I am not. At camp. Or having fun.

O.k, that's not exactly true but this week has been a bit more difficult than others. I just don't have enough hands or hours in the day to get done everything I want to get done. I never realized how much my husband has spoiled me. So when I get done being mad at him for being gone I'll be sure to thank him a little more than usual.

So, that little whine aside, here's what's working for me:

- lower expectations. This is not a week for redecorating, big projects, fancy meals, etc.

- not underestimating what the kids can do. This morning Polly poured cereal & milk for herself and Tigger. Polly pulled up the trashcans after the garbage man came. (Can we call them that any more? Does that anger the "sanitation worker"? I don't want to offend!) Tigger can put the silverware away from the dishwasher. Sweet Pea can... be as cute as ever, giving me much needed smiles and time to rest as I nurse her.

- use the baby carrier. Sweet Pea is almost too big for the carrier I have but it has been a real life saver this week.

- reward the girls with special things. They miss their daddy, too. So, while it isn't exactly frugal, a few things from the grocery that we don't usually purchase have gone a long way to encouraging cheerful behavior.

- keep an upbeat attitude. This is probably the most important thing I can do. Like yesterday. We had to go to the library and the grocery store. With a big bag of books and many bags of groceries. In a downpour. If I were an octopus this would not have been a problem. But you cannot carry a baby, a diaper bag, a library bag, and an umbrella while clutching the hand of a toddler so she doesn't become road-kill. Or can you? 'Cause I did all this and more yesterday. I hope I don't have to do this again but if I do have to I know I can.

Check out some really great ideas at Works for Me Wednesday, hosted by Shannon.

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ellen b said...

Blessings on you and your family this week while you persevere your helpers absence! :)

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