Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Last night our family went on our yearly outing to a (pro) baseball game. I won't name any names but let me tell you that this team is one of the worst in professional baseball. Prince Charming asked if I thought it would be noticeable if he brought a book he's trying to read. Just a bit. You may understand from that question that my beloved is not a baseball fan.

We went with people from our church. Some of these people are fans. You know fans don't you? These are the folks that dress in team colors, know all the stats (even the really boring ones), and take each loss as a personal insult. Which, given the record of our beloved home team, is just setting yourself up for pain.

Our girls seemed to really enjoy the game this year. Tigger had cotton candy for the first time. Yes, I momentarily took leave of my senses and allowed Tigger to eat a big ball of pure sugar. I forgot my camera so you'll just have to imagine the results. A picture wouldn't have captured the true sticky essence anyway. She even had it in her hair, folks! Quite different from my Polly, who ate it so slowly and delicately I thought it would just blow away on the evening breeze.

The game was tied so it went into extra innings. Part of our group left, unable to stand the suspense, I guess. (Or maybe they had to get up early to go to work...) But not us. We stayed. In what turned out to be the last inning my sweet Polly had just about had enough. The visiting team was up to bat and they had managed to load the bases. Tense moments, y'all. Then she pipes up with about the only baseball language she knows, "Get a home run!!" Not good.

Poor thing didn't understand why everyone in our vicinity yelled at her. I had to quietly explain that in the twelfth inning a "grand slam" by the other team would be just about the worst thing that could happen. A double play saved the day and all was well when our team managed to pull out a win at the last second. (By which I mean the last second I was willing to sit there and watch) And there was great rejoicing in the land. Well, anyway we clapped and cheered which was almost more than Tigger could manage at 10:30 at night.

My girls are probably never going to be fans. But they have decided that "Ballgame song" (otherwise known as Take Me Out to the Ballgame) is a worthy addition to their singing repertoire. Maybe by the next game we attend, which will probably be next July, I can teach them the right words. Maybe.

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