Friday, July 13, 2007

Almost Over...

Well, the week without Prince Charming continues to drag on. And on. We did go visit him Wednesday night for chapel. The girls really enjoyed being at camp again. I enjoyed seeing my husband and some more of my family but it was honestly a lot of work just to get there and get back. They all wanted me to consider going back out tonight (the last night). Well, I've considered and I don't think it's going to happen. He'll be home in the morning. Just about 17 hours from now. Not that I'm counting...

Today has just been a tough day. Tigger has had some real obedience - setbacks, shall we call them? - and potty training issues. Polly has been busy with one of her favorite pastimes. Yes, that would be tattling. She honestly just can't help it. She has too much of, ahem, me in her. If there was a crown for biggest boss and tattler of a sister it would have gone to me, as Lulu and Princess will attest. But my own little darling may be challenging my title. How did my own parents stand it?!

Of course I had many ambitious plans for this week. Why I thought I would get more done without my husband around I have no idea. Call it temporary insanity. Needless to say, although this is my blog so I will say it anyway, none of those ambitious / unrealistic things have gotten done.

I have had quite an Austen splurge this week. Yes, in Prince Charming's absence I have gorged myself on all my Jane Austen movies. I've saved my favorite, Pride and Prejudice, for tonight.

I've already watched Emma, Persuasion, and Sense and Sensibility. I threw in a new to me mini-series, North and South (NOT the the cheesy 1980's Patrick Swayze feature, the classy BBC period drama, what kind of girl do you think I am?) for good measure. I will not need to watch any movies for at least a month or two. I rarely watch anything but this is what boredom will lead you to.

I did finish Wendy Shalit's new book, Girls Gone Mild (which I highly recommend!), just in case you have a mental image of me lounging on my sofa eating bon-bons and watching Regency Romances. I was not. Not that I wouldn't have if I actually had any bon-bons, but that's beside the point.

And my house is cleaner than usual. I don't know if that means that Prince Charming is messier than the rest of us or that I only clean when I'm bored but it's probably the latter. I hate cleaning so much that Polly actually thinks it's fun. So maybe that will turn out well for her. She'll eventually rebel by being one of those "How Clean is Your House" ladies.

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