Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WFMW - VBS hints

This week is our church's Vacation Bible School. You can read some about that here and here. VBS is a busy time for us as Prince Charming is the Children's Director at our church and therefore has quite a bit to do this week, I help, and we now have 2 girls old enough to really get into the whole thing.

One thing that has helped us this week is "VBS bags". I found two little bags in the girls' dress up clothes. They are felt type purses. Each day I put the girls' Bibles, their penny offerings, and anything else they're supposed to bring that night. Tigger, for instance, is supposed to wear her Sheriff's badge every night, so I slip that in so we won't forget it.

I planned quick, easy suppers for each night. This way Prince Charming actually has time to eat (you don't want cookies & Kool-Aid on an empty stomach!) but we can still get to church as early as we need to. The girls just grab their bags as we walk out and I don't have to worry about cries like "Mom! I won't get my points for bringing back the paper from last night!"

Not that anything like that ever happened here before...
Find more great tips at Rocks in My Dryer, hosted by Shannon!


Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Great ideas! I'll have to remember that when VBS starts at our church in a couple of weeks.

Jane said...

Great idea. Our VBS is pretty small. Maybe I will make each child a tote to keep their VBS things in.

...jus me said...

Are you doing Avalanche Ranch? Ours starts July 9th. It's getting real busy right now around the church!

Karen said...

Not Avalanche Ranch. I think it was actually called Wild West Witness. It was definitely Wild. ;)

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