Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We're VBS-ing

Our first night of VBS went very well. The girls did wear their new cowgirl hats. Tigger also received a bandanna and a badge that she's supposed to wear every night this week. Right. Like Tigger needs more evidence that she's the "sheriff" in our family.

Polly enjoyed her first night as well. We moved her up to an older class. Because we homeschool it's not exactly easy to go by grades but we thought that the Kindergarten class (children who have just finished that grade) would fit her better than the younger class. So far, so good.

So we got home last night worn out from the good times and with four more nights to look forward to. Just for the record: I reckon (a little cowboy lingo for you...) that there are few things as cute as two little girls wearing too big-for-them cowgirl hats with red Kool-Aid mustache-stains on their faces and multi-colored marker stains on their fingers as they eagerly tell all they learned about Jesus. It's just one of those priceless joys of parenting.

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