Thursday, June 7, 2007


I have to preface this post by explaining that I am not a shopper. My heart doesn't beat more quickly as we drive past the mall. I don't dream about shoe sales, make-up counters, or dressing rooms. Prince Charming will tell you that when it comes time to buy something he has to pry the money out of my loving frugal fingers.

So, with that established, I must admit that occasionally a bit of shopping does a mommy good. Today was such a day. On a whim (I'm not usually whimsical but...) we stopped by the local Old Navy today. I've never been in an Old Navy store before -scrape your jaw off your keyboard - but I wanted to pick up some new swimsuits for the girls. Aside from the obnoxious music the store was really nice. And I found exactly what I wanted for the girls: matching 2 piece swimsuits (the top is like a shirt and the bottom cut like a swimsuit bottom), a flowery pink pattern that's not too cute, sizes to fit all three girls, and, best of all, they were clearanced!

Excited from this find we drifted on down to the Bath and Body Works. It must be summer clearance days because they had lots of items marked down as well. I don't use a lot of their products but I do enjoy their hand soap. We bought three bottles of the foaming soap in three different "flavors" because my girls had to smell every single item in the store and couldn't quite decide their favorites. (Free parenting tip: good smelling "foamy" soap is a good bribe for a reluctant potty train-ee). Because we felt bad for Prince Charming (waiting out in our van with the Sweet Pea) and lest he feel neglected, we picked him out a bar of soap.

It's pink. And he will use it without complaint because that's the great kind of guy he is. In this house of women-folk I think he manages very well. Of course, what man wouldn't want the adoration of so many marvelous ladies?

Lest you feel too sorry for him, I should point out that the real reason we were out shopping was preparation for our church's VBS, which is next week. The theme is Wild West so we had a few "western" purchases to make.

The girls each picked up an inexpensive cowboy ("Cowgirl," Polly insists) hat. And they've practiced galloping around the house - wait, that's what they always do - and swaggering. They want to know about real cowboys and I'll be happy to tell them what I know from the years of watching my father's cowboy movies and television shows, leaving out some information obviously. For instance: spitting. This is an activity Tigger needs to know nothing about, for everyone's sake.

So next week they'll be the cutest, sweetest smelling, cowgirls this side of the Mississippi. If I can just get them to take their new swimsuits off...

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Anonymous said...

I found the part about Tigger not needing to know about spitting extreemly funny. :) Thanks for commenting on my blog--I'm glad the girls enjoyed TWC. :) (And I'm glad to know that I can comment now...I thought I had to have a Blogger account [which I don't have]).


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