Friday, June 22, 2007

Friendship Bread, Falsely So-Called

This has been a busy day. Baking. Yes, an entire afternoon spent baking. Some well-meaning soul (o.k, it was my mom, aka Gram) "gifted" me with some Amish Friendship Bread starter a few weeks ago.

Friendship bread sounds so loving doesn't it? It's sharing some of my favorite things (baking & eating!) and the Amish connection harkens back to a simpler, calmer time. So, I should love it, right?

Wrong. This is another mouth to feed. It's not quite as hungry as a toddler but it eats flour, sugar & milk like nobody's business. Last time, after dutifully caring for this concoction for 10 days, I mixed up my first batch of bread. I also had three other portions to freeze because any of my friends who might actually want Amish Friendship Bread already have it, from the same wonderful soul that passed it to Gram and I'm not ready to inflict, I mean bless, anyone else with it.

So back to the original story, I made my first batch last week. I only have one loaf pan so I used a different pan for the excess. Not a smart move. My one loaf turned out pretty well but the extra just burned. I let the girls eat the part that wasn't burned straight off the plate, before Prince Charming came home. (I wasn't exactly trying to hide it but he's been skeptical of this bread since Gram gave it to me and he doesn't need more ammunition...)

A bit discouraged I resolved to try again in 10 days. So I've "mushed" the bag (yes, that's the technical word for it - the instructions say to) and fed it its flour, sugar, & milk rations. And today I baked again. I baked a lot.

I made Amish Friendship Bread, Amish Friendship Coffee Cake, Amish Friendship Cookies, and the makings of Amish Friendship Cinnamon Rolls are rising in my kitchen as we speak (as I type and you read, I mean). Every non-metal dish in my kitchen has been used. (Because you can't use metal bowls or utensils on the Amish Friendship Batter). Everyone, you should know, my kitchen looks like a toddler threw flour, sugar, and batter up at the ceiling fan and let 'er rip. Which she didn't. That I know of...

"But Karen", I can hear you say, "At least you have lots of goodies to eat, now." Well, you'd be almost right. After mixing & making all these things I don't even want to look at them, much less eat them. Prince Charming, bless his discriminating taste buds, is not very fond of anything made with Amish Friendship Batter, saying "It all tastes like that bread." The girls on the other hand, are quite fond of "that bread". Which is why I found them, after I stopped to check on something in the bedroom, eating the cake straight off the plate in the middle of the kitchen table. Yes, with their hands.

No, they are not being raised in a barn. But it feels like it sometimes.

So, I have frozen the rest of my precious starter. I'm not up for this right now. I have failed to realize any friendship benefit from this. I have used ingredients that could be used to make my favorite cookies (which, by the way, do not claim any Amish product as an ingredient) or any number of things, really. Hopefully the cinnamon rolls will turn out well. There are few problems in this world a nice gooey cinnamon roll doesn't help.

O.k, they probably won't help my girls learn table manners, which I promise, I am working on. But for now, just take my word for it, if someone offers you a plastic bag full of batter: run!

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Anonymous said...

LOL :) You have such a wonderful way of writing girl, I can't help but giggling !!!!!!! :) This must be the day for baking ... I made chocolate zucchini cake this AM ... and I STILL have dishes to do tonight !!!!!!! :)

Enjoy your cinnamon rolls -- I'm going to go taste the cake! :)


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